VET SCHOOL ONLINE? The Affect of Covid-19

It was midterm week, around 8 pm the night before my anatomy 1 exam to be more exact. There I was, sitting in a study hall with my girlfriends going over lecture slides and practice questions when our phones dinged with notifications. Everyone had received an email. “Dear Grenada campus Students....” and since reading that email, nothing has been the same.

The email continued on to say that SGU was encouraging its students to return home in light of the growing concerns of the pandemic as it was expected to reach Grenada.

In just 4 short days after that initial email, thousands of SGU students were offered charted flights and were flown back stateside.

It was 6 short days for me to finish midterms, pack up all my stuff and leave Grenada and my campus behind.

Since being settled at home and getting adjusted to vet school online, have to say ...I’m not here for it.

I miss the class room, the labs, the peers, the environment of collaboration and focus. There is about three weeks left and I’m counting down the days until the end of this first term.

When motivation is low to study and get through the course work for 8 rigorous classes, I just remind myself of the ultimate finish line.

I hope the world is able to return back to some sort of normalcy soon. But until then, stay home!

Thanks for reading.


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