Make Time for Breaks.

Full transparency, term 2 WORE ME DOWN. It was a lot! In reflection of the term, one thing I wanted to emphasize is the importance of breaks. It is absolutely essential to break free from the tunnel vision of lectures and exams and breath with a clear mind away from the material.

Being displaced from campus due to the pandemic left many back home to continue their studies. I realized that being physically at school to attend in person lectures, interact with peers and just not feel stuck at your desk helps to break up the monotony of routine that occurs when at home. There was a span of 2.5 weeks where I didn’t leave the house. I’d wake up, get ready for the day and sit in the same chair at the same desk for at least 12 hours a day. Then shower, go to sleep and do it all over again thre next. I found myself like that for 2 weeks! It’s not healthy.

Yes I was dedicated to my studies and performing well but at what price? My mental stability? Nah. Allow your self breaks! The material will still be there. But you’ll have to have a balanced mind in order to really understand and retain it the way you should.

As I go into term 3, I’ll be sure to remind my self of this more often. Just as sitting at the same place and studying all day becomes habitual, so should things that we enjoy. Read alittle of your book at night before bed, make music, paint a few times a month, do your makeup, make time for your workouts. What ever it is that makes you feel good and to keep you centered - keep it up!

Term 3 will be online as well. Although I’m hopeful it won’t be as horrible as I felt term 2 was and will allow myself the grace to break more & you should too.

Happy new year everyone! & Thanks for reading. :)

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