If this Offends You, You're Part of the Problem.

Think about this. To all of those who denounced NFL players for kneeling or displaying any signs of protest during the national anthem with statements like “it’s disrespectful to the flag", think about the photo posted above.

Individuals who feel and express such things, think about WHY you feel such a way, about your flag or this country. While other people do not and feel the need to kneel, march, scream and “riot”. It is because YOUR AMERICA IS NOT OUR AMERICA. Americans live separate realities based on their race and background. If you think otherwise, your privilege, ignorance and lack of compassion to step outside yourself to look around and simply ACKNOWLEDGE the disparities is blatant.

White supremacy is real and is STILL very much present and instilled in the United States. Due to its presence, countless of black men and women have lost their lives at the hands of police ... sometimes while just sleeping in their home, sometimes being a 12 year old boy at the park with a toy gun, sometimes for just sporting a hoodie, sometimes for just reaching for a wallet. But every single time for being BLACK.

The fact is, the idealism of white supremacy is what kept Africans legally enslaved in this country, lynched, discriminated against and rejected of humans rights that their white counterparts received for CENTURIES. This history has everything to do with the present racial disparities observed in the criminal justice system. As well as, the institutional barriers against minorities when it comes to securing quality healthcare, education, housing and frankly just respect for our LIVES and existence. (Refer to some stats below that paint the picture)

The protests and outrage is not only against police killings but for the whole system in place that allows for these instances to happen repeatedly WITHOUT justice or accountability to the perpetrators. It is to also fight against all other imbalances in opportunities, positions of power and socioeconomic resources set in place against nonwhite people. In a nutshell, black people have majorly contributed to the growth and wealth of this country but have never been able to enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else.

It really is not that difficult to grasp. So, to anyone who thinks differently, exhibits borderline support - which reflects prioritizing the loss of merchandise, over the loss of a persons life - or if you’ve ever uttered the worlds “all lives matter”. I encourage you to HUMBLE yourself, seek education on the issues and get on the right side of history.


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Black Lives Matter.

... & that's on what? PERIOD.

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