Q & A

Where did you attend undergrad?

Florida International University in Miami Florida. I majored in Biology.

What are your Veterinary aspirations?

I currently see myself practicing with small animals. As far as specializations go, emergency, surgery, and internal medicine interest me the most. I am sure as school goes on these interest might change or expand but I'm looking forward to figuring it out.

I am also considering entering the Army's Veterinary Corps upon graduation. So a lot of options to explore and figure out and I'm excited to do so.

That is one of the things I love about Vet med..there are so many different paths in the field that are available to take.

What are your three favorite things about attending SGU?

  1. Weather

I have never lived in a cold climate so I don't think I would've acclimated well if I were to attend a school somewhere north in the states. I went to high school on an island, and my family is from the West Indies so honestly I felt right at home. I just love sunshine and being able to wear summer attire all the time.

  1. Proximity to the beach

I have to admit, during the term I definitely don't go the beach as much as I would like to but its nice to know that the beach is only a 5 minute drive away.

The best study break is sitting on the beach :)

  1. Growth

Although moving to another country to attend Vet school wasn't a huge adjustment to me. Living on a small island like Grenada makes you appreciate the little things like the convenience of just walking into a target, for example, when you need something. Or just not having the same food options as you would at home, but it calls for growth and getting to know yourself outside of your comfort zone

per say.

Where are your top five places traveled to?

Spain - food & culture

Jamaica - <3

New Zealand - scenery

Thailand - had an awesome experience with Elephants!

Bali - just *hearteyes*

Do you have any guilty pleasures during stressful times at school?

Dark chocolate and energy drinks. I will eat an entire block of Grenadian dark chocolate when I'm studying during stressful times. With energy drinks, it has gotten to the point where they don't really help with my alertness but I just crave the taste (I know, weird).

My drink of choice is the sugar free redbull, so I guess it could be worse. So some dark

chocolate and a redbull & I can get through any taxing study grind.