5 Things You Can Add to Your CV

Sitting still, chillin, lounging & just not being productive for long periods of time doesn't seem to be easy for most individuals who pursue professional degrees. There is an innate desire to work and achieve. Too much idle time will often just lead to restlessness & anxiousness, at least for most. I'm sure as vet students, we can relate to this and frankly we simply can't sit still for too long. There is usually something to work on; whether for professional or personal growth. So, below are 5 things worth looking into to beef up your CV and to take advantage of when time permits.

1. Fear Free Certification https://fearfreepets.com/about/fear-free-student-application/

This certification is FREE for vet students!

2. Banfield Student Job Program https://jobs.banfield.com/veterinary-students

This one is PAID!

3. CPR: Basic and Advanced Life Support for Veterinary Professionals Certifications https://recoverinitiative.org/veterinary-professionals/courses-and-education/cpr-bls-als/#1515783195826-6e6c1227-9cb9

4. VCA Externship https://www.vcacareers.com/Extern-List

5. Veterinary Acupuncture Certification - Chi University https://chiu.edu/courses/cva